Welkom bij High Five Health Promotion. Op deze pagina vind je alles over de ABN AMRO Coolsingel Gym.

We zijn verheugd om jou vanaf 14 september wederom te kunnen verwelkomen in de fitness ABN Amro Coolsingel te Rotterdam.

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High Five Vitality

High Five Vitality
Our advice focuses on three elementary pillars of vitality: exercise, relaxation and diet. If required, we can produce a personalised vitality plan for each employee. This will make them more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and teach them to make smart choices. The topics discussed are excess weight, high blood pressure, nutrition, back pain, stress and posture while working.

Individual programs
Every organisation is different. This is why we provided flexible, tailor-made solutions. That way we can be sure our programmes are exactly tailored to the specific requirements of your employees, as well as their personal wishes.

High Five Vitality